mechanical engineer ,mechatronics engineer for a job opportunity

IoT Engineer, mechanical maintenance engineer, embedded systems engineer, classic control
I am the blogger of this blog and I seeking for  a job opportunity

I graduated as a mechanical engineer I worked on myself and I studied more days to learn more like LabView, SolidWorks, JavaScript, Arduino, HTML,
CSS,blogging,SEO,electronics,electric , nodemcu, home automation using nodemcu, embedded systems, mobile app developer using app mit inventor, mobile app developing using flutter and still learning now
I finished Military service as a reserve officer on 1 April 2020  I joined in  maintenance workshop belongs to the Egyptian army
and  technical research center of Egyptian armed forces I worked in maintenance of electric motor, classic control, engines maintenance, hydraulic circuit and air conditioning
I can learn more and more
mechanical engineer
mechanical engineer 


this article written by muhamed elshafai

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